Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Assignment

Hey! My name is Madison and I'm a Sophomore in Iowa. I have one brother who's a Junior and I live with my parents. I play three sports, rugby, volleyball, and softball. This year, my school decided to start a program called Global Prep Academy and I decided to try it out. So far, the classes are fun and I'm liking how we get to make projects and do everything globally and not just sitting in classes taking notes out of a text book. Today, we take our first field trip to Musser Public Library, and hopefully I will be seeing some cool creations today!

Last year, I did a project called the Isearch. In the Isearch, you choose your own topic and research about it and then make a 20 slide powerpoint about it. I really enjoyed picking my own topic that I wanted to research and find out more about it. I had a hard time of doing citations but I learned how to do them during that project. I researched the Amityville murders and learned that a guy killed all of his family throughout the night.

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