Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Monument Project

            I did my monument on Scott Harrison because normally people don’t think of rich people giving, but with Scott it was different. He was tired of living the rich life and always throwing parties; he wanted to change his life around. He went aboard a floating hospital to volunteer. He became the ships photographer and took pictures of the symptoms some of the patients had. Scott was inspired by many of these people’s stories and decided he wanted to do more to help. He learned how many of the people that they didn’t have clean water, they would have to get drinking water from mud puddles or from rivers that they would have to walk many miles to get to. He decided, instead of keeping all the money he got from his birthday party, he would give all the money to a foundation he started, called Charity: Water. This foundation sold many things in order to build wells all over the countries that need the clean water in order to survive.

            The monument I built was made of simple materials, including construction paper, tin foil, a cardboard box, and wrapping paper. I thought him throwing the birthday party and giving every single cent to the foundation, that I would make the monument look like a present, and inside the present would be a well that the foundation had started building to give to the people who don’t have the clean water.  The present symbolizes the start of the foundation, they needed to get money in the foundation somehow, and what better way to start it with the money from a birthday.

            The monument I built will be put on the riverfront because if we didn’t have clean water, we would have to drink the water from that river. It would help people imagine what it would be like if they had to drink contaminated water.  Most people know how gross the river is and it would help them think of what those people have to go through everyday. 

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