Sunday, September 26, 2010

Personal Motto

A motto to me is not only something people say, but it is something they do. Most people who have mottos live by them. My motto is Keep Dreaming Your Dreams.

I picked this motto because to me, some people never fulfill their dreams. Some only try once, and then give up, whereas others don't even try. Everyone has dreams; they are either something you want to be or accomplish before the end of your life. It may be hard to make your dreams come true, but if you work hard it at, they will be fulfilled.

Having a dream isn’t enough; you have to take steps to achieve your dreams. Dreams are similar to goals; you have to take small steps to reach them. Your dreams can be as simple as following the footsteps of someone you admire, or as big as traveling around the world. No matter how big the dream is, you are going to have to work and believe that it will come true.

My motto is something I live by, I keep dreaming my dreams and one day they will come true. I still work hard to make sure my dreams are coming closer to being fulfilled every day.

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