Monday, September 27, 2010

United Way: Food Pantry

            This week I went to the food pantry to volunteer. We did a lot of packing food sacks for families of one to two people; we also did some for families of five to six.  Debby was the lady who was explaining everything to us. She told us that most families don’t have enough food and have to come to the food pantry to get a bag of food that has to last them about two weeks.

            I met a lady there that volunteers for the food pantry. She works long hours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday volunteering her time. She has been volunteering her time for four years. She was telling us a story about how a lady wrote about her and some other ladies in the paper, and she got invited to go to the Holiday Inn and have a nice lunch and she got flowers and a beautiful plaque. You could tell she was very happy about it all; you could just see her face light up when she told the story.

            Many people never have food and they have to get food from the food pantry. If it weren’t for the food pantry, most people wouldn’t have food to give to their family. I learned a lot from Debby, and I respect the people who volunteer their time to help out the people in need. 

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