Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pearl Harbor and US Goes to War

December 7, 1941 Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. They damaged 6 powerful battleships in just a few minutes.

We cut off trade with Japan when they began their southward push in July. This trade embargo included oil, something they couldnt live without. Tojo, Japans Home Minister, ordered the Japanese Navy to prepare for an attack. We sent out a warning to everyone to let them know what was happening, but to let Japan commit to the first overt act. We later recieved an intercepted message from Japan that said to reject all American Peace

Dive bombers came over the Naval base in Pearl Harbor, followed by 180 Japanese War planes, launched from six aircraft carriers. The first bomb was set off and even after an hour and a half of shooting back, we did little damage to their planes.

18 ships were sunk or damaged, as well as 350 planes were either destroyed or damaged. Nearly 2,400 people died in this attack and 1,178 people were wounded.

The following day after the bombing, President Roosevelt wanted to declare war against Japan and the Senate approved. A few days after approving the war, Germany and Italy declared war on us, so we declared war back. The President decided the US would fight Germany first and Japan later. The bombing ended the long American debate on whether to get involved in World War 2, which we were now getting oursleves into.

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