Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Research For The Bombing of Pearl Harbor

Three Sites
1st one: : This is  good site for getting a lot of information on pearl harbor.  They have a lot of simply stated, but detailed, Facts about the issue. In all paragraphs talking about pearl harbor they include times and dates for educational reasons.  Along with that they include multiple large color pictures to help you understand what the attack on pearl harbor was like.  I would highly recommend this site for anyone doing a project on the topic.

2nd one: : This website does not show a lot of information at all.  It has a few clear cool pictures of the Pearl harbor navy base. But when it comes for the facts to do a report with, it lacks. Basically this site is just used to link adds to the Pearl harbor movie. I would not recommend this website at

3rd one: This is a pearl harbor based site with tons of great information on the event.  It includes a lot of nicely stated facts.  Along with that it has a large list with many links to pictures.  One of the pictures is a really detailed drawing the shows the pain and agony in everyone involved face. Another one shows the 350 Japanese plains flying over before they attack.  I would highly recommend this site as well.

Two Songs
Remember Pearl Harbor- We will always remember what happened at Pearl Harbor. Because of this, it will make us stronger. It will lead us to victory in WWII. We will be strong and battle hard to get revenge. 
There You’ll Be- It tells us to remember the ones we loved that died in Pearl Harbor. It says that we will never forget them and how they died. We are thankful for all they have done for us and we found our strength through them. We are very proud of them for standing and fighting for us during the bombing. 

Three Quotes
“We stand completely and totally behind our president. We may have our differences from time to time, but on a day like this, which rivals or not exceeds the attack on Pearl Harbor, we stand united behind our president and our government.”
-Christopher Dodd
This say’s even if we have differences with in our country, when times like this, we stand as one. We have to back our president up and agree with him. Even though sometimes we don't agree with him on things, we still want to fight in this battle. 

"December 7th 1941 - A date which will live in infamy..."
 We will always remember this date. It was the day that Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and we were basically defenseless. It was the day that led us to WWII. 
It tells us that, on this day December 7, 1941, is a day of shame.

"I fear all we have done is awoken a sleeping giant."
We knew once we started to stop trade with Japan we knew it wouldn't be good. They needed the oil we had to run their machinery, but they didn't have access without us. We knew they were going to attack us, but we didn't know when and where. 

One Poem
Sunday, December the seventh,
In the year of 1941,
While most of Hawaii still slept,
Came the planes of the Rising Sun.
Waves of bombers and fighters flew,
From the decks of the Japanese ships.
While our planes were still on the ground,
"Banzai" was spoken from their lips.
The winds of war had been blowing
Across the oceans of our earth,
Though not till Pearl had been bombed,
Did we realize what freedom's worth.
Wars are fought and won on two fronts,
At home and on the battle line.
Both are equally important,
When war consumes our heart and mind.
The attack brought us World War II,
With death, pain and separation.
All who had served were well aware
Of their sacrifice for nation.

The poem explains a little bit of what happened on December 7, it tells you some tings that the Japanese might of said when they were attacking. Another thing it mentions is that freedom is worth fighting, and we all sacrifice for our nation.

Two Pieces Of Art Work

These pieces of artwork show pictures of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The top picture shows two ships coming through the ocean. It was the first of 16 strong strike force in route to Tokyo. The bottom one is showing a picture of one of the ships being bombed. It shows how many ships were damaged and ruined. The plane that just bombed the ship is flying out of the smoke from the ship.

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