Monday, October 11, 2010

Senior Resources

Senior Resources was the second field trip we have gone on for this project. My group went on a tour and I noticed how many people just volunteer their time there; a lot of them don’t get paid. The people at Senior Resources are all really friendly, whether they live there or just work there.

            We went on our tour and talked to many of the workers and even a lady who worked there as well as lived there. The lady started off just volunteering all her time there but ended up getting hired so she would get paid for all the work she does. I asked a lady if it was hard to work there because she would get attached to some of the people who lived there and then they end up getting really sick. She admitted it was hard, but it was worth it to help out the elderly. For me, it would be too hard getting attached to them and having to say goodbye to someone you are close to.

            The people there seemed so excited to meet us and it made me happy to see them light up when they saw us. It seemed all the people were just happy to be there and socialize with the other elderly people who lived there. When we played a trivia game you could tell everyone enjoyed being able to do things and have fun and I loved watching how happy they were when they got the answer right. They were all so funny to watch!

            Senior Resources was a great place to be and socialize with them. You could tell they were glad to have some company. I would like to do some volunteer work at a place like that because I enjoyed watching the all have so much fun.

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