Wednesday, January 19, 2011

1920 Vocabulary

George Gershwin 

He was born on September 1898 as Jacob Gershowitz in New York. His first song was published in 1916, called, When you want 'em, you don't get 'em, when you got 'em, you don't want 'em. He died at age 38 during the height of his career. Gershwin wrote 33 songs during his career with his partner Kay Swift. He collapsed into a coma while working on The Golden Follies and later died of a brain tumor.

George Gershwin was a pianist and song writer


The flappers set the style for women of all ages and gave them a new sense of freedom. When they turn into a Flapper, the old fashioned girl was lost forever and the new women came out. Flappers smoked, drank, partied, voted, danced, wore makeup, and cut her hair. They chopped off most of their hair and tightly wound their chests to somewhat look like a boy. The hem of the skirts started to rise and they lowered the skirt line down to their waist. Their skirts fell just below the knee.

A young women who flaunted her unconventional conduct and dress

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