Monday, January 31, 2011

Goals Blog

Short term goal: Don't procrastinate
Short term goal: Work in on time
Short term goal: Get all A's at the end of semester

This is important for me to actually achieve this goal because I procrastinate about everything, including things outside of school. I want to get things done sooner that way I don't have to worry about getting it done at last minute. I would also get better grades because I would have more time to work on it. If I didn't procrastinate so much, i would have more time to make the paper or project better and more detailed. I usually turn in things that aren't my best work and I'm not proud of them. I want to work on this and achieve my goal in a week.

My second goal is to get all my work in on time. I received a lot of zeros because I didn't turn my work in and it lowered my class grade. I usually didn't really push myself to do my work and turn it in. In the end it really affected my grade because I could have gotten A's instead of some of the B's I got. I think if I turn all my work in on time, it will help me get all A's at the end of semester and not have to get caught up all the time and have even more homework piled up.

That brings me to my third goal. Getting all A's at the end of semester will get me a 4.0. This will also help with my parents being more proud of me. They are always pushing me to try my hardest so I think it would make them proud if I got all A's my next two years and a half. I want to get a 4.0 each semester now and try my hardest so it will help me get into nice colleges and have more opportunities. This is a short term as well as a long term goal, but I will break up this goal and just focus on each semester so I can reach my goal.

Long term goal: Change kids lives
Long term goal: Go to college and get a scholarship
Long term goal: Take all the college courses at MCC for psychology

I want to be a child psychologist so I can help make a difference in children's lives. I want every kid to be proud of who they are and be happy with their lives. I want them to grow up in a good home and have the life every kid should have and not be abused. Being a child psychologist is a dream and goal I have had since I was little and I am starting to achieve this goal by taking psychology classes. This goal should be achieved over the next few years.

I really want to go to a nice college and get a scholarship for either sports or my school work. I am hoping to play Rugby at a college as well as study to be a child psychologist. I want to be in a good school and be able to get most of my schooling done in a shorter amount of years, instead of the 6 years it requires. It's always been a goal of mine to be a psychologist and get into a good college. Recently, I have decided to play Rugby at college, and try and get a scholarship for playing. This goal will be achieved in about 2 years.

My last long term goal is to take all the college courses for psychology at MCC, before I graduate Muscatine High School. I am wanting to hopefully get a lot of my schooling done to help limit the years of schooling I will have to take. I am also wanting to take some English and Math courses at MCC so I won't be over loaded with classes I will have to take my Freshman year of college. This goal will have to be achieved in the next two years before I go off to college. I am planning on signing up for the college classes as soon as they will let me.

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