Friday, February 11, 2011

Darwin Day 2011

I really appreciated having Dr. John Logsdon and Dr. Julie Meachen-Samuel come down and talk to us about their work. I really found it interesting to learn about the work they do and having the chance to actually meet them. I had the privilege to be able to see their presentation twice. It helped me understand the presentations a little bit better.

For Dr. John Logsdon’s presentation, I thought it was pretty interesting. During the first presentation I didn’t quite understand what the purpose of what he was exactly doing, probably because I didn’t catch it the first time. But during the second presentation that I helped host at the Putnam, I realized that he was trying to figure out the evolution of sex. I learned the difference from asexual cells and sexual cells and what they did. I also learned the square dance song for meiosis! I wish I could have heard more about the research he did and what parts he took in figuring this out. I think another thing that would have helped, is if he would have interpreted what some of those things were, because he is a scientist and obviously knows more than we do and some of the things he was talking about that I really didn’t understand. I really liked how he told jokes and made the presentation more interesting with the square dance and fun facts about sex.

Dr Julie Meachen-Samuel did a wonderful job during her presentation. I liked how she talked about how she came to be a scientist and I really liked how she told us what she liked and what she dislikes about being a paleontologist. She did a good job keeping us interested with the videos and showed us the process she would go through to figure out a project. I wish she would have went in more detail of the things she’s done other than just the Smilodon. I really find it interesting about how she finds dead animals and digs them up but I wish she could have told us more about her experiences in doing this. I learned a lot during her presentation about “cats” behavior and the different steps a scientist has to do. I really found her work interesting and I wish I just could have heard a little more of the other projects she has done.

I again thank them for coming down and giving us a presentation. It was a really great experience having them here and learning more about paleontologists and evolutionary biologists. Also, thank you Mr. Hanna for setting this up for us! 

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